A Video That Makes Me Want to Vote

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the US midterm elections these days because of a project I’m working on.  A strictly non-partisan project, mind you.  And today a member of the project team sent me this campaign video by Air Force veteran M.J. Hegar who is running for Congress in Texas (District 31).

It’s really well done and I empathize  with where she’s coming from because, hey,  as someone who has haunted the halls of Congress and fought for meetings with my Congressional Reps at their offices in Seattle, I’ve had that same feeling that just being a mere constituent doesn’t necessarily get you very far with some (not all) US politicians.


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Born in Seattle, USA. Generation Xer. Lived on 3 continents (North America, Asia and Europe). Country agnostic. Mother of two Frenchlings. MA in International Migration

3 thoughts on “A Video That Makes Me Want to Vote”

  1. I wonder what her views are on Citizenship Based Taxation? I’ve become a single-issue voter, because without a switch from the current system, I will no longer be one soon.


  2. And I am very glad you asked that, Suzanne. The project I and others are working on for AARO is to ask the candidates if they will work with Americans abroad on CBT and other issues. All the Texas emails have been sent as of last Thursday and we are now working on other states. Hegar got a letter same as all the other candidates in Texas and so far about 6 have responded but alas nothing from her yet. You can read them here: https://aaro.org/texas


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