The Diaspora Tax War of 2012-2017

Some Flophouse posts, interviews, and published articles I co-wrote with Lynne Swanson about FATCA/CBT.  You can find many more under the Citizenship-based Taxation/FATCA category under the Select Category box on the left toolbar.

US State Department Confirms New Consular Fee for Expatriation (September 18, 2015) $2,350 USD for an American citizen to exercise his or right under international law to expatriate.

Non-Willful Non-Compliance:  How We Got Here (June 30, 2014) 7 million Americans abroad and only a few are even quasi-compliant with the American tax system.  That’s changing but I think it’s useful to explain how this situation arose in the first place.

A Review of the Japan/US FATCA IGA (December 5, 2013)  A guest post from a Flophouse reader in Japan with his take on this Model I agreement.

A Review of the France/US FATCA IGA (November 18, 2013).  What’s in it, what’s exempt and much more.

The BBC:  Why Americans are Renouncing U.S. Citizenship (September 27, 2013).  An interview I and others gave to the BBC News Magazine.  In the post I talk a little about why I am in this fight and I quote a beautiful anonymous letter I received which ended with this: If I had to renounce my American citizenship, I would flood the consulate with my tears.”

FATCA Losing Its Way (September 11. 2013) Article Lynne and I wrote that was published in Accounting Today.

FATCA:  Not so Simple After All (July 28, 2013)  An article on FATCA that Lynne Swanson and I wrote that was published in The Hill, a Washington, D.C. publication written for and about the U.S. Congress.

Public Hearing on FATCA at the European Parliament in Brussels (May 30, 2013):  The Flophouse goes to the heart of the EU for a public forum on FATCA.  What an adventure.

Settlers, Sojourners and Tax Evaders (April 2, 2013) The battle over perceptions and terminology.  One country’s “tax evader” is another country’s “immigrant investor.”  Commentary on the article by Allison Christians of the McGill University Faculty of Law here.

OECD Public Briefing on FATCA (February 16, 2013) Direct report (I attended on behalf of American Citizens Abroad) from the meeting on FATCA held at the OECD in Paris.

How I Really Feel about Citizenship-based Taxation (September 6, 2012) Citizenship is never a “free lunch.” All countries require certain things of their citizens and where there are rights, there are also duties and responsibilities. American citizenship is turning to be a very expensive lunch indeed (a four course meal with wine AND cheese AND dessert….)

Citizenship-based Tax Systems (January 20, 2012) The perfect analogy that explains how citizenship-based taxation really works.

The 2012 Diaspora Tax Wars (January 5, 2012) Discovered that the FATCA issue was doing something quite astonishing – uniting the American Diaspora in a way that I had never imagined.

You can also consult these great sites for more information:

Isaac Brock Society:  Leading the fight with members (U.S. Citizens and other U.S. Persons including American immigrants) from all over the world.  Great discussions and you can ask questions about how citizenship-based taxation, FATCA and FBAR affect you.

Phil Hodgen’s Blog:  The go to guy for information on the tax implications of renouncing American citizenship.

Tax, Society and Culture:  Professor Allison Christian’s blog.  She is the H. Howard Stikeman Chair in the Law of Taxation at the McGill University Faculty of Law in Montreal.  An expert in international tax law and policy who can actually explain things in a way us mere humans can understand.

American Citizens Abroad:  These folks have been in the fight for awhile. They lobby Congress and are leading a write-in campaign to representatives in the U.S.

Association of American Residents Abroad:  Another great citizens’ advocacy group.  Based in Paris, France.